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Key Responsibilities:
• Correcting grammar, spelling, typos, and punctuation (according to the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines).
• Ensuring proper sentence structure and accurate word choice.
• Removing redundancy and wordiness.
• Checking for adherence to audience expectations (in terms of British vs. American English usage, formatting, and subject matter).
• Checking if subject-specific terminology is used.
• Working closely with the Department Heads towards set goals and objectives within project plans and timeframes.

Candidate Must Possess:
• With at least 2 to 3 years experience as copy editor using Chicago Manual of Style, preferably with experience as QA
• Excellent knowledge of CMS
• Must have excellent reading comprehension and communication skills
• Must love to read books
• Can work with minimal supervision
• Good decision making and problem solving skills
More details to come.
Layout Artists
More details to come.
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