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Krutherford takes care of your publishing production before it goes into print. No need to scale on that department, we got you!
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Cover Design

Turn heads with some astonishing artwork from our talented designers! Your cover needs the right look and feel to spark the interest of your readers.

Web Design

Claim your identity on the web! Every credible author needs a professionally-designed website to introduce yourself and your work to the world.

Press Release

Get some good press for your work from the right outlets! Our selection of niche media ensures that you are able to connect with the right audience for your work.

Transcription & Editing

Working with us helps your focus more on formulating and strengthening your content. We can take care of transcribing and editing your content, so you'll have more time to think.


If you're not confident about your writing, don't let that stop you. Our creative ghostwriters can help put your thoughts into paper with budget-friendly rates.
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